Whitening Teeth Good or Bad

Whitening Teeth Good or Bad

Teeth whitening may seem like a quick and straightforward decision to make, but for many of us, it can be a stressful one. This is because every whitening technique has its own set of costs and risks’, thus choosing the right one is not an easy task.

The dentists in California state that at least 40 percent of their patients spend their dental sessions discussing teeth whitening options. Several of these patients cannot understand the purpose of teeth whitening. The truth is that there is no one purpose of teeth whitening; in fact, there are many. Some of the common reasons for tooth whitening are stated below:

  • Boost your self-confidence with a great smile
  • Have the ideal white smile
  • Remove stubborn yellow stains
  • Look younger
  • Prepare for special occasions
  • Be able to make positive impressions

Of course, there are many reasons for opting for teeth whitening, but irrespective of your cause, you should be glad to know what many people opt for teeth whitening.

Why do you have discolored teeth?

Now, you must be wondering how your teeth became yellow or stained in the first place; after all, you were born with perfect white teeth. As per the dental research agency, the most common reasons for having yellow or stained teeth are stated below:

  • With age your teeth become yellow
  • You consume foods or beverages that cause teeth staining, such as tea or tobacco
  • You have deposits of tartar or plaque
  • Consuming a high amount of fluoride
  • You received treatment with tetracycline when you were a child
  • Accidents or trauma causes teeth discoloration

How can you whiten your teeth?

With the advancement in technology and dentistry, there are many ways to whiten your teeth and have a perfectly white smile, which you once did. The dentists in Diamond Bar commonly perform the following whitening procedures:


This procedure can be done at home with whitening trays and by an expert. Both these techniques contain an active ingredient named hydrogen peroxide, which helps eliminate the discoloration.

Nonbleaching procedures

The nonbleaching products such as whitening toothpaste can also help remove discoloration. Such toothpaste relies on abrasion, which removes all surface stains that are caused due to foods.

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