Energy Drinks: Bad for the Teeth

Energy Drinks: Bad for the Teeth

Energy boosters and drinks are very popular among today’s youngsters. These youngsters strongly believe that these drinks help improve their performance, so whenever they see a tough day coming, they resort to this drink. As far as its effect on physical health is concerned, no studies reveal any adverse impacts; however, the same cannot be said about dental health.

Energy drinks can trigger several dental issues.

A recent study by Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois revealed that such drinks are very high in acid, which is known to erode tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. The research took some extracted premolars and molars, soaked them in various energy drinks. Later the coating was put in artificial salvia for at least 2 hours, as saliva reduces the effect of acid. This study came to an end after five days due to the high impact on tooth enamel.

How Energy Drinks Ruin Your Teeth?

It is true that other beverages also damage tooth enamel, but the acidic amount in energy drinks causes twice as much damage to the tooth enamel than other drinks. With the erosion of tooth enamel, various dental issues such as cavities and tooth decay begin to form. The dentist confirmed that a majority of the youngsters that came in for a checkup suffered from these dental problems without knowing why they were experiencing them.

Energy Drinks, and Tooth Enamel

With the excellent promotion of such energy, drinks experts state that such dental issues will be on the rise in the future if they are not regulated now. Therefore, now parents should make an active effort to inform their children about the harmful effects of such drinks on their teeth. However, in unavoidable circumstances, the dentists suggest that youngsters should rinse their mouth after consuming such beverages, so that water flushes the acid out.

The dentist even suggests chewing sugar-free chewing gum after consuming an energy drink will allow saliva to be produced, which will neutralize the effect of the acid in the mouth.

The experts further added that after consuming the energy, drink teeth must not be brushed. This is because the brushing action will spread the acid to all other areas in the mouth and teeth.

To maintain good oral health, the dentist in recommends following the above recommendations.