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Convenient and quick restoration of natural looking teeth used to be impossible, now it’s common with advanced dental implants. A dental crown cemented to a surgically-implanted titanium post restores the look of your natural teeth, without fussy maintenance or long-term complications. Dental implant surgery is now also much more comfortable and stress-free, using modern anesthesia techniques.

Dental Implants in Los Angeles

At Cal Dental Group, we have outstanding doctors who provide expert dental implant services in Los Angeles. In our Crenshaw Blvd branch, you will find Dr John Kim who is one of Southern California’s most talented dentists. If you come across patient testimonials or reviews, you’ll see that our patients find Dr. Kim warm and friendly, putting patients at ease about the procedure.

Extreme Attention to Comfort

We aim to provide you with a relaxing and pain-free experience. Our team administers implants and all our other dental services with the latest technology and techniques to ensure your comfort. We give supportive care to help patients overcome their dental fears. With our dental implant treatments in Los Angeles, you will not only feel great about the result; you will feel good during the treatment.

Individualized Care

At Cal Dental Group, we consider every patient’s unique needs and provide each one with a custom treatment plan. We strive to help you achieve the best smile by getting to know your personal dental goals. On your first visit, we thoroughly examine the state of your oral health and spend time to know your dental history.

Welcoming Staff

It is part of our mission to provide a caring family environment. One of the things you first notice with us is our friendly staff, always making you feel welcome every time you visit. We have a multi-lingual staff so we can accommodate patients who are more comfortable speaking in Korean or Spanish.

Affordable Smile

We believe that healthy smiles should be made affordable, that is why we provide all our patients with flexible financing options. We strive to provide premium yet accessible dental care by providing a custom treatment plan that works for your budget. Our flexible financing packages include extended and zero interest payment plans.

Dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Do yourself a favor, if you have been suffering discomfort from an unhealthy or missing tooth, this will change the way you live. Smile and eat with confidence again!

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"Dr. Karnakova is my primary dentist and every time I leave her office I am feeling more confident than ever. The Dental Office itself is very welcoming towards the patients and there is beautiful decor out in the waiting room. The office is ALWAYS in top-top shape and leaves me excited for my next appointment. Dr. Karnakova is the sweetest women you'll ever meet !! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"
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